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Connecta: The Platform for a New Generation of Secure and Anonymous Online Counselling

After years of close collaboration with Caritas and Diakonie, online counselling has become part of our DNA. What started as a project ended up as a mission: we enable health and social care organisations to offer their services online with our Connecta Online Counselling Platform. Whoever needs advice and support doesn’t need to look further: securely, anytime and from anywhere.

We knew from our market research that our support had to be strong and the interface had to be customised for smaller offices.
Sarah Hartmann Client Partner

But setting up an online counselling platform is more than just a shiny interface. There are different challenges people are facing when they’re looking for help.

Hey, how can I help you?

I dunno ... I have this thing I want to talk about.

Of course, of course. Should I set up a video call?

Well, can you see my full name then?

Our developers did an exceptional job making the platform secure (GDPR-conform), with the option of having chats and video calls anonymously.

Create a virtual identity

Early in our research, we realised that what people wanted most was the ability to remain completely anonymous when asking strangers for help. Many people simply don't want to reveal their identity when asking for help. Not only when chatting, but also when writing and emailing. It was very important for us to create a virtual identity for them – and at the same time a customisable interface for the advisors to make them recognisable in their own branding.

Connecta offers psychotherapists and counsellors the ability to use it without worrying about technical difficulties, it’s an all-round carefree package. We have implemented the highest data protection and IT security standards, are GDPR-compliant, and have regular independent security audits. We follow a strict no leaking data policy, meaning that all data remains within the advice centre.

It’s secure, has an easy-to-use interface, and makes it exceptionally approachable to patients with limited capabilities due to their condition.
Timo Mayer Executive Board Member

Connecta is a different kind of work for VI. Normally, we are mostly in the project business with our clients. This platform is our first product that has been used by many clients. They’ve told us over and over again that it’s great for seeking and giving advice through all contact channels – and that it’s easier to use than most other online consulting packages. And so it is:

Curious? Let's talk.

Holger Schellkopf

Director Content, Communication, Marketing