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Engineering the Ultimate Selling Machine

When we started collaborating with BMW, we asked ourselves how to accelerate BMW’s sales in Austria and Eastern Europe. Utilising marketing innovations from Facebook, we built the ultimate selling machine.

BMW: Three letters that stand for sheer driving pleasure. Delivering on this promise is a key success factor in the sales process for BMW. Converting digital encounters into real life test drives is therefore a key objective of BMW’s social media marketing activities.

How to reach highly diverse audiences efficiently? 

One imperative of our collaboration with BMW was to unleash the efficiency of social media marketing for their sales. It quickly became apparent that the conventional strategy—targeting consumers by segment, empathising with them, producing content for them, and allocating media funds according to projected interest—was not going to be effective enough for BMW.

  • 580%
    increase in test drive requests

Less assumptions, more fact based adaptions 

To reach the highly diverse audiences for their ever-widening model portfolio, we needed a better idea. Our answer was based on a simple conviction: every driver is unique. Our efforts to group interests into addressable segments is always a search for the smallest common denominator. But in a highly diverse target audience, this can become very small. 

That is why we began to experiment with a multitude of creatives, packaged in every available ad format and let Facebook do what it does best: Find the right audience for the content and its related car model.  

Machine-learning and intense circles of optimisation helped us to increase efficiency. By adapting creatives, defining look-alike audiences, testing and monitoring, we reverse-engineered the process of establishing our target audience. 

Which in turn enabled us to reach our client’s ambitious goals. Facebook and Instagram became the most efficient channels for test drive generation. The campaign mechanic won an Effie Award – and has become the cornerstone of our work for BMW. 

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Birgit Sedlmayer-Gansinger

Business Development