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Promoting more Sustainable Air Travel with "restfett" Campaign together with Austrian Airlines

The use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is an important step towards the decarbonisation of aviation and reduces CO₂ emissions by around 80% compared to fossil kerosene. Together with our client and Thjnk Berlin, we launched a very Austrian campaign to communicate the complex issue of sustainability in aviation to the general public in a clear and unambiguous way to showcase the benefits of SAF.

  • 15.4 Mio
  • 2.4 Mio
    People reached
  • 1.30 €

We figured that humour and charm would be the most effective way to ensure that the message reached people’s ears as well as their hearts. By transforming the rather abstract term “Sustainable Aviation Fuel” which is made from residual fats and oils, into the Austrian expression “restfett” and playing on the ambiguity of the term between residual alcoholisation and used cooking oil, we gave the campaign a very local and humorous twist, which – as it turned out – did not fail to have the desired effect.

It was clear to us that we needed to convey this abstract topic as a light and humorous message to the general public.
Julia Pazofsky Social Media Manager

First, we planned a test phase centred around AI-generated visuals on Facebook and Instagram, gathering reactions and feedback from the community to integrate the results into the main phase that followed. Two campaign videos formed the core of the main phase on the aforementioned Meta channels, visualising the ambiguity of the term “restfett” in a vivid and playful way.

Our efforts generated more than 15.4 million impressions with a target achievement of 107% and reached over 2.4 million people during the campaign period and a CPM of €1.30, thus not only meeting, but exceeding the campaign goals.

In June 2024, the Case was not only recognised with two nominations at the German Prize for Online Communication, but also won in the category Traffic, Transport & Logistics.

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Michael Schmidt

Creative Director / Mobility Industry Lead