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VI and Schärdinger bring dreams to life in Austria's first branded UGC AI campaign

In October 2023, we launched a special campaign with Schärdinger, called Traum zu Fassen. By setting up Austria’s first branded UGC campaign with a Midjourney and DeepL interface, we established a platform where users could visualise their dreams using AI technology.

  • 13.1 Mio
  • 0.79 €
    CPM on TikTok
  • 15 k

Ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok drove users to a dedicated landing page where they were invited to manifest their dreams and share their creativity in a contest, with the winner receiving a Meta Quest 2 VR headset. To bring their personal dreams to life, users had to complete a two-part prompt. First, they had to specify what they were dreaming about, and then select their favourite flavour of Schärdinger Träume. The AI then used these two specifications to create a visualisation of the user’s dream.

This initiative blurs boundaries between fantasy and reality and creates an unprecedented level of interaction. With over 13.1 million impressions, 15,000 generated images and nearly 4,000 participants, the campaign became a true exhibition of dreams. This innovative approach not only captivated a younger audience, but also revitalised Schärdinger’s brand image and expanded its market share.

We turned dreams into reality by making AI accessible to all dreamers in Austria through Schärdinger, eliminating the need for prompting skills or a Midjourney account.
Martin Radimsky Senior Digital Creative

The campaign served as a creative playground where participants not only brought their dreams to life using AI, but also became part of a community that celebrates innovation and creativity. Participation was remarkably diverse, with entries ranging from surreal landscapes to futuristic visions. The campaign not only showcased the potential of AI in art, but also strengthened Schärdinger’s brand connection with its customers by embarking on a shared journey into the realm of dreams.

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Michael Schmidt

Creative Director / Mobility Industry Lead