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VI Whitepaper

Navigating through the Future of Automotive Marketing

This industry report will guide you through a time of change. It will give you an overview on how to get your hands back on the wheel when it comes to navigating through the future of automotive marketing.

New e-brands are swarming the market – it’s time for marketing teams to rethink their strategies. In our report you’ll learn what you can do to be a part of the mobility change instead of simply reacting to it. So get your engines running for:

  • a lead piece by mobility industry lead Michael Schmidt for which he talked with industry experts about the changes in new mobility marketing
  • the VI Social Media Maturity Model analysing 16 e-brands in terms of their performance on social media
  • a behind-the-scenes into our sustainable campaign for the new zero-emission BMW iX
  • an interview about Creative Automation and its perks for the automotive industry with VI’s Ludwig Schirmer and Storyteq’s Danielle Courtney

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Michael Schmidt

Creative Director / Mobility Industry Lead