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VI's Big Social Media Management Study 2023

What is the status quo of social media marketing in the DACH region? Once again, we gave social media managers a voice by interviewing them about their influence in the company, how they measure success, and what challenges them the most in their daily business.

Together with our academic partners Dr. Rosemarie Nowak from Universität für Weiterbildung Krems and Prof. Dr. Christian Rudeloff from Hochschule Macromedia Hamburg we asked participants how they handle the social media management in their company. Now we present the results for the very first time.

Not only do social media managers know their worth in companies, they are also involved in strategic planning. Their biggest challenge is the fast-paced nature of social media, while longing for more budget and resources to execute their job even better.

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Read more about relevant statistics, experts’ opinions, and the status of contemporary social media marketing in the DACH region.

Please note that the report is written in German.

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Birgit Sedlmayer-Gansinger

Business Development