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VI Whitepaper

New Mobility, New Marketing: Rethinking the Communication Journey Ahead

In a rapidly changing world, the intersection of mobility and marketing is undergoing significant transformations. This new Whitepaper delves into the perspectives of 18 experts from diverse sectors including bicycles, insurance, automotive, commercial vehicles, trains, ropeways, and public transportation, providing a fresh look at a key question: How can companies navigate the new terrain of mobility marketing?

Discover the Essence of Our Research

We’ve compiled the insights from 18 in-depth interviews with leading mobility and marketing experts. This Whitepaper presents a comprehensive overview of current trends, challenges, blind spots and opportunities in the mobility sector, aiming to serve as a catalyst for ongoing discussions and innovations.

Key Insights You Will Gain:

  • Collaborative Paths to Sustainable Mobility: The importance of industry-wide collaboration and proactive engagement with policymakers.
  • Addressing Gender-Specific Mobility Needs: Highlighting the underexplored differences in mobility needs between women and men.
  • Mobility Data as a Marketing Goldmine: Utilising mobility data for enhanced customer communication and service delivery.
  • Experience Over Product: How brands are differentiating themselves through unique customer experiences.
  • Inclusivity and Adaptability in Communication: The shift towards more inclusive messaging and flexible media strategies to connect with a wider audience.

Ready to Shift Gears?

Dive deeper into these findings and start steering your strategies in new directions.

Download the Whitepaper now and join us on a journey through the evolving landscapes of mobility and marketing.

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Michael Schmidt

Creative Director / Mobility Industry Lead

Franziska Schmetkamp

Client Partner