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VI Press Release

Red Dot Design Award for Sustainable BMW Campaign

New mobility calls for a new marketing. When this revelation is combined with artistic creativity and the courage to break new ground, you get award-winning campaigns that delights the public and experts alike.

Created together with our client BMW and our partners Concrete The Graffiti Agency and Frames Network, the BMW campaign #BornElectric has already won several prizes, including the Austrian IAA Effie in Gold. Now it receives the Red Dot Design Award in the category Spatial Communication and the field of Brand & Communication Design.

#BornElectric pursued the mission of creating a campaign that pays attention to its ecological footprint: Instead of thousands of OOH posters or CO2-intensive shoots abroad, the project team around Bernd Georgsdorf launched a campaign that is just as sustainable as the BMW iX, by creating an emission-free artwork that still brought the brand’s passion for advanced technologies to life.

Together with the artists of Concrete, we created a mural on a 300m2 wall in Vienna; design and communication were aligned with BMW’s global electrification strategy. We used electric vehicles and scaffolding instead of a diesel crane. Instead of spray cans, we applied ecological paints by hand. And for lightning we relied on green electricity.

The artwork was then transported into the digital sphere with a #BornElectric Instagram AR filter developed by EnLive Studio, which was later highlighted by Meta Sparks Studios on Twitter. A combination of different media channels – artwork on site, documentary videos on the website and AR on social media – ensured a wide reach to the target groups.

© Katrin Lowatschek; from left to right: Amir Tavakolian (Managing Director, VI); Allan Berger (Creative Director, EnLive Studio); Michael Schmidt (Creative Director, VI); Maira Kerschner (Head of Business, Concrete The Graffiti Agency); Benjamin Keitel (CEO, Frames Network); Matthias Katkowski (Creative Director, Frames Network)
New forms of mobility need new forms of marketing. And for these, assertiveness is needed. We are delighted about the remarkable willingness of BMW Austria's Head of Marketing Silke Pfeiffenberger to implement this vision. And that we were able to convince so many juries with it.
Michael Schmidt Creative Director / Mobility Industry Lead

Maira Kerschner and Paul Hoffman from Concrete pursued a high standard with #BornElectric: “We didn’t just want to depict a car, but to deal with the BMW brand in an artistic way. Our goal was to make the vision of Born Electric visually and emotionally tangible – by means of a digital aesthetic that allows present and future to merge.”

Allan Berger, Creative Director at EnLive adds: “The intersection of sustainability and technology makes this augmented reality project very special for us. Not only does it bring the walls of Vienna to life, but it also allows viewers to interactively engage with the eco-friendly approaches of the automotive industry, creating a new level of environmentally conscious exploration.”

For Matthias Katkowsi of Frames Network the campaign fits perfectly into the modern world: “Time has its art. To art, its freedom. And right now it’s our time.”

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Michael Schmidt

Creative Director / Mobility Industry Lead