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Platforms and Services

We help you to develop and rollout efficient technology solutions that deliver business value. API-first, cloud-native, and quality-driven solutions, combined with a best-of-breed platform strategy and top-notch frontends, are at the center of our approaches. This helps you drive flexibility, performance, and time to market to put your business at the forefront of digitalisation and the top of its industry.

Headless CMS

If you are striving for flexibility, multi-channel-content-capabilities, rapid development, and ease of us use, we help your organisation to replace a traditional CMS with a headless CMS.

Our experiences range from building microsites to establishing multi-country, multi-language sites with millions of users. We have used varying headless systems and are certified partners of Contentful and Storyblok.

Search and Discovery Services

Enabling users to search large and complex data is essential for a variety of solutions. We have broad experiences with Cludo, Algolia, and Swifttype to provide “google-like” search experience in business application and website environments.

Communication and Community Platforms

In most cases, sales and service-related applications aim to establish dialogues. In between customers or between customer and company. Relying on secure and trustworthy communication has become imperative on either side of the line.

Using open-source tools like Rocket Chat, Jitsii, and Discourse, we have broad experience in securing and seamlessly integrating these dialogues in our clients’ applications. Regardless of whether it is a chat, audio, or video call.

Consent Management Platforms (CMP)

Consent management has become a success-critical aspect for every digital solution. When not appropriately implemented, it doesn’t only have a negative impact on the user experience but also on the business value of the application or website.

We help you to select the fitting solution. We integrate it into your application and we consult you on establishing the needed government processes in your organisation.

Video Hosting and Streaming Platforms

We use Brightcove and Movingimage to encode, host, and adaptively stream your content to your users. Ensuring an engaging video experience, regardless of whether the content is consumed on a 4k screen or a mobile device with a poor connection.

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