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Software Engineering

To engineer sustainable digital solutions we follow an API-first, cloud-native, and best-of-breed services approach. This allows us to utilise the existing digital assets of our clients without jeopardising user experiences. We reduce initial development efforts while ensuring future functional scalability.

Frontend Engineering

Our component-based development approach and expertise in building up Design Systems ensure longevity. We use modern but proven standards and frameworks like Web Components, Typescript, StencilJS, and React to bring your digital product to customers. No matter if by a responsive website, a progressive web app, or on a giant interactive screen on a trade fair.

Knowing that an extraordinary experience is influenced by what the user sees and feels, we keep the non-functional requirements like loading time and reactiveness in mind.

Cloud Engineering

With the focus on cloud-native development rather than traditional (web) server approaches, our certified cloud experts help you create scalable, performing, reliable, and cost-efficient solutions in Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Whether it’s an entirely new application or migrating existing software to the cloud.
We use API-Gateways and VPCs to accelerate the connection of your business data with the cloud, ensuring that security and data protection standards are met.

Mobile Apps Development

When developing mobile apps we share the code between each platform and with any existing web application to ensure that development happens in a central codebase. Despite this interoperability, it is important for the success of a solution that it fully leverages the specific advantages of each platform. Our developers take care of this in their work.

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