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B2B e-commerce is here to lead the way into a future of online shops and services that actually sell – and are yet based on user-friendliness and highly protected services.

Companies are done with traditional offline procurement and sales processes. They are being held back by high costs, limited market reach, lack of data, and therefore missed opportunities for valuable business growth.

B2B e-commerce addresses these challenges through features such as multiple sales channels, data analytics, and progressive security measures: all while improving a superior website experience for customers. Scalability and flexibility are key for intuitive platforms that are customisable through its carefully selected tools and systems.


We see a great need for B2B companies to catch up in selling their products and services online.

Being a certified BigCommerce Agency Partner and having believed in MACH architecture from the start, we are now able to offer you exactly these easily adaptable e-commerce platforms powered by BigCommerce, a leading Open SaaS e-commerce platform. Partnering with BigCommerce has enabled us to roll out high-quality e-commerce solutions, whilst gaining time for user research, creative tasks, and fulfilling our client’s online marketing goals.

Like this, we’re leading the way into the future of innovative B2B e-commerce solutions. Putting you on the right track to selling services that are worth their while.

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Johannes Kleiber

Director Software Development