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The 5 Pillars of Data-Driven Marketing: Turning Ideas into Experiences

It needs empathy to create relevancy in marketing, and data insights to optimise business practices. Having come up with the 5 pillars of data-driven services, we’ll build customer experiences that delight brands and humans alike.

AI and automation solutions create personalised content at scale, while keeping reasonable budgets and Governance. But marketing stories will always rely on a human centered approach: only cultural insights can be translated into ideas. These ideas don’t mean a thing, if they don’t hit the right moment; if they don’t reach the right person.
We’ll ensure a brand compliant and unique communication while connecting data silos and utilising data lakes through customer data platforms.

Data Thinking, Data Strategy & Customer Journeys 

Your business is overwhelmed by loose ends; stakeholders and sheer data amounts all try to solve the same problems. But have these buzzwords turned into something tangible yet?

Tailored to your individual business objectives, we build strong long-term data strategies, inspire traditional paths with data innovations, and show insights for your day-to-day operations. In close collaborating with you we’ll manage projects from throughout to create valuable experiences for your customers – and live concept and strategy with a creative, analytical, and technological mindset.

Tracking & Data Unification 

What will happen once the 3rd party cookie era ends? Once privacy rules are getting stricter? You’re fed up with silo systems and data stuck in walled gardens: Isn’t there another digital universe except for Google and Meta to trust in?

It’s a good thing that privacy matters. It’s merely a question of a solid infrastructure to make the most out of data flows. By collecting data with consent throughout the funnel; integrating, and transforming it from all sources and making it available for tools and use cases, we lay the foundation for smart business solutions.

Instead of spending years on large software projects, we want you to trust in a MACH software evolution that moves marketing activities forward step by step. With Consent Management, a privacy compliant and flexible approach, VI brings a quarter of a century experience in software development and rollout to the table.


Used skillfully, technology helps you to automate complicated processes. We’re saving you real money within your marketing operations as we turn it into Marketing Automation, enabling a qualitative communication to be scaled quickly, and globally.

May it be with the help of AI, rule-based automations, streamlined processes or a uniform tool usage: We help humans to get the most out of their ideas with automation – not the other way around.  

Software and technology development is ingrained in our DNA. We’re using tomorrow’s technology such as Metaverse, Open AI, and AI profitably today. That’s why we’re collaborating with leading technology players such as Storyteq and Revealbot.

Campaign Optimisation 

Whether it’s social, search, or display, we develop campaigns to learn from them. You’ll benefit from multivariate experiments and brand measurements to find the best practices for your future marketing activities. Campaigns practically self optimise themselves now.

Hardly any other agency in our sphere proved so many times why campaigns work, utilising brand lift or conversion lift campaigns. Even before social media existed, we designed experiences in the blogsphere and within nascent social web  – naming the first ever YouTube channel for BMW – proving social campaigning to be relevant. For this, you’ll benefit from our experience as a Meta business partner. In fact, we cater strong and personal contacts with all major platforms.


You can’t lose control over the many players who manage data in your business. You need effective mechanisms and a true collaboration between stakeholders to treat a sensitive area with respect. Governance leads to better target achievement and greater efficiency. We’ll help create guidelines, policies, and other resources to support reliable conclusions.

A consistent appearance leads to a consistent brand image, but also helps internal stakeholders to gain clarity. A vital building block to achieve your campaign goals is using Meta for Paid Media Automation. With our extensive track record in Governance development for the local and global, we know exactly what matters to your infrastructure.

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Birgit Sedlmayer-Gansinger

Business Development